ChromaWall™ is a green screen kit and portable photo & video wall. It was created for anyone who needs perfect chroma key capture on the go:

  • Photographers & Videographers

  • Independent Filmmakers

  • Photo Booth Operators

  • TV, Radio, Newspapers, & Media of All Types

  • Traveling Journalists & Bloggers

  • Event Rental & Party Rental Companies

  • Event Professionals (#eventprofs)

  • Trade Shows & Trade Show Booths

  • Musicians, Production & AV Companies

  • Advertising and Marketing Agencies

  • On-Air Talent and YouTube Stars

  • Video Podcasts & Vlogs

  • Product Launches & Brand Promotions

  • Live Streaming, Game Streaming, Twitch Streaming

  • Colleges and Universities with Photography, Media, Broadcast, or VR Departments.

  • Virtual Doctor, Medical Imaging, Teladoc, and Remote Medical Consulting

  • Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Studios

  • Military and Aviation Training

If you are trying to be a more interesting content creator, you need a portable studio environment that can travel the World with you.  If you are trying to sell anything online or at events, you need engaging content. Feature your brand, your products, your team, your attendees, and your clients. Build quality content. Build trust. Convert customers!



To make sure we got the best results, we built a traditional green screen/wall like you see in the newsroom, from scratch.

We documented the experience and posted it as a blog called DIY Green Screen Studio. Our results were fantastic and super affordable ($350), however it took some serious time to build. As we all know - time is money!

The truth is there is nothing better than Rosco® chroma key paint. While we sell the ChromaWall™ a superior portable green screen solution, we are not going to tell you there is anything better than a traditional green screen! If you want the absolute best chroma key capture results: build, spackle, sand, prime, then paint a two coat green wall. This is what all of the top production studios and news stations in the World use.

The problem with building a physical green screen (chroma key) studio is that is has no mobility! Our World demands onsite video, field interviews, and instant content to share!

ChromaWall™ is truly different because we built it to make our own lives as an event / photo / video vendor easier on a day-to-day basis.



We initially started shooting client photos & videos in our basement. (Who didn't?) After years of working as a full-service vendor for special events, media, and venues - we moved into product development, manufacturing, and distribution.

During our years as a full-service photo/video vendor we purchased all sorts of green screens and green muslin backdrops - the exact same ones you are considering buying right now! You know - the eBay and Amazon specials!

Nothing worked like we needed it to.

  • We were sick of lugging around pipe & drape to have decent backdrop stability.

  • We had enough with cheap parts, cracking, bending, and breaking.

  • We had enough of green screen wrinkles! They slowed down our setup time and made post-production miserable for editing.

Even the big box stores and specialty photo retailers (like B&H) in New York couldn't muster up an elegant, portable, wrinkle-free green screen. So, we built one!


Constructed of industrial plastics and aluminum, this portable green screen solution is built to last and built to go!

  • Glide it - ChromaWall's nylon bag has built-in wheels for easy travel.

  • Carry it - ChromaWall's nylon bag comes with security straps, buckles, and handles.

  • Drive it - ChromaWall hardware collapses down small enough to fit in any vehicle.

  • Check it - ChromaWall can be checked on your flight! Please upgrade to a hard shell case for air travel or if taking it on tour with other equipment.

  • Ship it - ChromaWall is durable enough to ship in a basic cardboard shipping box, but you can always upgrade to a hard shell case for extra protection.

  • Break It - Please, not intentionally...but rest assured ChromaWall hardware comes with an unmatched lifetime warranty. If your hardware ever breaks or snaps, simply ship it back for full repair. Free parts & labor, just pay for shipping! Unmatched value!



About Our Green Screens

Our fabric has elasticity in its fibers, stretching to the shape of the frame, creating tension, and completely eliminating green screen wrinkles!

Our chroma key fabrics are printed via an HD dye-sublimation process. Inks are steamed into the fabric fibers, not printed on the surface like a screen-printer might do. 

We are G7 certified master large-format printers. We use a proprietary color matching process which gets us as close as possible to chroma green and chroma blue without building an actual chroma key studio wall.

chroma key color matching

Custom Photo Backdrops & Custom Photo Booths

Additionally, we are capable of printing your ChromaWall™ in any PMS coated (c) color swatch or full-color graphic for no additional fee. Clients use our units as trade show booths, custom photo booths, stage backdrops, and retail point of sale displays. Please contact us for our full print capabilities or to submit custom artwork!