Website & E-mail Privacy

All information you share with Alive Entertainment LLC and will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL.

The ONLY external disclosure that happens are:

  • Customer First & Last Name

  • Customer Phone Number

  • Customer E-mail Address

  • Customer Shipping Address

Disclosure ONLY takes place when a paid order is made to us. This information is ONLY seen by our associates, approved manufacturing partners, approved service vendors, and approved couriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, On-Trac, etc.

Information We Collect

Some information is automatically collected from our website upon visiting such as your IP address, browser type, device type, the pages you navigate, time spent on the website, from which page you leave the website, etc. We utilize Google Analytics, Facebook & Instagram Pixels, and Pinterest Pixels for tracking your behaviors and interests. You may find us re-targeting you with advertising across other websites and/or social media platforms from time to time. We follow all TOS and best practices issued by major social networks offering paid advertising.

Credit Cards & Encryption Security

We utilize state of the art features like HTTPS on our website in an effort to provide a secure shopping experience. All orders are processed via major processors like SquareUp, Stripe, and PayPal. We rely on their services to authenticate, encrypt, and protect your information. We have ZERO internal access to your credit card number, bank accounts, or financial institution information. We DO NOT store your financial information on our own servers or create back-ups of any type for any reason.

Rest Assured Your Information is NEVER Sold, Leased, or Shared

Your information will never be leased, sold, or shared outside of Alive Entertainment LLC for any time or for any reason.