By purchasing a ChromaWall™ product via our website or via a custom e-mailed invoice, you are confirming you have read and both understand/agree to the following:

Your ChromaWall™ order is non refundable. Why? We custom build chroma key walls for our clients. We keep zero in stock at this time. We plan on eliminating this policy once we begin online distribution with other commerce websites and maintain warehouse stock. For now, we are a small On-Demand Manufacturer trying to grow our business just like you! 

Your Credit Card will be processed via Stripe through our website. We keep no credit card information on our website at anytime for your safety. Your information is 100% secure and does not require you to have an account.

Production of the ChromaWall™ takes (5) business days based on our current work load. Remember to add time for shipping too!  Therefore YOU are responsible to notify us if you require expedited shipping. We can always upgrade your shipping – please contact us and ask for a quicker turnaround! Expect your product in approx. 1.5 – 2 weeks based on geographic location.

We want your feedback. We want customer reviews. Please help us tell others why you like our product! Please show us how you are using your wall! Send us photos!

The ChromaWall™ was not designed to do full length chroma key capture. While it is capable of such functionality with the addition of a chroma fabric floor cloth, it is specifically made for head / torso captures for interviews, news reports, video podcasts, small studio setups, etc. We are aware that the velcro stitches along the front surface edges may interfere with some people’s head to toe captures in close proximity. Stitching is only 2" around all (4) sides - you will have plenty of non-stitch capture area to fit your content capture needs! In addition, stitching has never been an issue for any scenario.

If hardware breaks, you are required to send photos of which module has broken to receive replacements. You are responsible for return shipping. Hardware is only covered on accidental damage. Theft, obvious negligence in care, or obvious intentional damage will be refused free repair/replacement. Free parts, free labor - Lifetime Warranty is an unmatched value for our customers! We truly appreciate you helping us grow!

We highly suggest you reduce your liability with these walls by properly weighing the unit down with sandbags during outdoor production. A minimum of 50 pounds should be placed on the wall’s stand. Five 10-pound sandbags works the best. This will prevent it from falling over outside in wind, or tipping over if someone bumps into it. In all other scenarios the stabilization feet are more than enough to keep the wall well-balanced. If you are indoors you may not even require the stabilizer feet.

We suggest use in low wind environments on level surfaces for best results.

Backlit chroma screens can interfere with your capture. If the wall is placed in front of sunsets, windows, studio lights, car headlights, etc, it can cause capture problems. Please be considerate of where you will be placing your ChromaWall™.  If you require black-out cloth, or a double-layered fabric solution to prevent rear-illumination it is your responsibility to notify us ahead of time so we can build you a custom solution. Most customers do not require this and can find an area free of back-lighting. However we have built, fully wrapped solutions for our customers before.

Discounts and promotions are subject to approval. Please contact us for a custom payment portal.

The information we collect on you will never be shared outside of Alive Entertainment LLC. From time to time we may send you a promotion, discount, or e-mail. We will NEVER sell your information or SPAM you.

Tax is charged to residents of Nevada (8.5%) sales tax and New York State (8%) sales tax will be charged unless you can provide an exempt status or re-seller form. Please contact us for a custom payment portal for your exempt organization and purchases.

Shipping is free to continental USA. If you are ordering from Hawaii, Alaska, a US Territory, or International Country, please contact us for a custom portal so we can calculate fair shipping costs to you. We work with both FedEx and UPS International. 

Any customers ordering via Ebay/PayPal Global Shipping Program will be charged all taxes, duties, shipping, and fees for their delivery. We ship to the forwarding facility, not directly to you. It is your responsibility to notify that facility of your forwarding address via Ebay/PayPal Global Shipping Program. Packages will ship to address provided by PayPal ONLY. PayPal terms and conditions apply. Safer and better for buyer and seller!

All questions, complaints, concerns can be address at info at chromawall dot com or by leaving a message on our voicemail.

Thank you for being a customer. Enjoy your chroma keying!