Green Screen Floor

green screen floor
chroma key floor green screen
green screen floor
chroma key floor green screen

Green Screen Floor

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5FT W x 10FT L

Our signature green screen floor has been two years in the making. We required the product to be very durable, easy to clean, and color match our chroma green fabrics well enough for production purposes, despite being a complete different raw material. We tested different thicknesses, different material mixes, different backings / bases, etc to find the perfect vinyl material to use. Ready to help you with your chroma key capture:

  • Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality
  • Exhibits, Promotions, & Trade Shows
  • Photo and Video Studios
  • Portable Studio / On-Site Shoots
  • Photo Booths / Experiences
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virtual reality floor green screen

About Chroma Key Floor

  • Manufactured and printed on-demand. NOT in stock. Must be custom made at this time.

  • Can be cut into custom shapes or pieces. Additional production costs required.

  • Compatible with our green screen product lines. Other Manufacturers NOT guaranteed chroma green color match. Color deviation still exists between flooring and fabrics as they are two different raw material types.

  • Floor sold in 5FT x 10FT SHEETS. 5FT W is most common for portability. Larger widths & production sizes up to our MAX: 10FT W x 40FT L available now! New machines up and running!

  • Printed in full-color HD. Chroma Key Green Color Match. Can print any custom graphic via CMYK if custom floor desired.

  • Rear-Injection Printing. Color fills in at a molecular level vs. being a surface print. Green floor color can't chip or scrape - NOT a surface print.

  • 90% Opaque. Allows 10% light penetration for color activation, feathering, and capture tolerance.

  • Backed with white adhesive liner for optimal light reflection and light diffusion. Helps to correct color in various lighting scenarios and bulb tones. (Daylight, Tungsten, etc)

  • 75mil Thickness. Proprietary Vinyl Blend. Custom Matte Flooring Material.

  • No slip. Surface texture imprinted into raw material prior to printing process.

  • Industrial Durability. Withstands 2,000lb drops / dents. Will bounce-back to original shape within 24-hours.

  • Easily cleaned. Secret Recipe: 1/3 cup cider vinegar, 2/3 cup warm water, 1 drop Dawn® soap. Scrub with sponge / towel. Dry with towel. Bye bye shoe scruffs and dirt!

  • Portable. Can be rolled and shipped in tubes.

  • Can be used as wall-board / sheet rock / flat applications, however be cautious of product weight. Approx. 40lbs for every 5FT x 10FT sheet. 1.25lb per square foot. (Approximate Calculations. May vary.)

  • Perfect for building the green screen studio of your dreams, portable VR / MR activations, or on site photography / video capture.

  • Please let the product breathe after being unrolled. Suggested 4-6 hour window to flatten completely.

  • Bulk Purchase Rates Available. Distributor Discounts @ 25 Sheets+.

  • 100% American Manufactured. Proud to be made in the USA.

green screen floor shipping and delivery timeline

Production & Shipping Timelines


Standard Production Timeline
(2) Weeks Production from purchase date + transit time listed below. We must first manufacture the raw material, then print the flooring, then ship it out. If you have a hard deadline, it is your responsibility to let us know. We try to accommodate every customer that we can. 

Standard Delivery Timeline
Expect (3 - 5) days for US Domestic Ground Shipping (FREE). Contact us for expedited delivery if required.

Total Turnaround 
Approx. (3) weeks for Production + Delivery.

Custom Floor Printing
Submit your artwork for custom flooring orders. You can submit before or after you place your order. We match your name, artwork, and order number.

Plus, you must give written approval before anything custom goes into print production. We will contact you ASAP to process your custom backdrop order.