Virtual Reality Green Screens

Virtual Reality (VR) has recently exploded with potential!

We are continuously getting requests to build custom green screen exhibits and portable VR capture environments for trade shows, special events, promotions, and brands seeking to push the limits! Consider this page our experimentation lab where we share how we are creating new chroma key products for our customers and more specifically - our VR customers.

While you won't see the VR industry mature anytime soon, rest assured our team is busy innovating for your future as a VR vendor! Ideas found here are currently under development and we seek your feedback and aspirations in order to keep the innovation happening! If you want to build something epic - without a doubt we are the right manufacturer to help you.  We invite you to contact us with your dreams, ideas, and feedback! 

Green Screen Projects

Our current VR green screen projects include:

  • Portable VR Green Screens (Capture Cubes / Portable Environments)

  • Green Screen Flooring (Chroma Key Flooring Rolls / Floor Boards)

  • Green Screen Walls (Chroma Key Wall Boards)

  • 360 and 180 Green Screens (Portable and Panoramic)

  • Your idea could be next. We want to push the limits with you!

VR Green Screen Cube

The newest blueprint in our workshop is a VR green screen cube! Our customers want to take their VR games and pop-up promotions with them on the road, but consistent setup and capture quality is a huge issue! We are in the middle of developing full size 8ft x 8ft x 8ft portable capture cubes. Customers will be able to brand the outside of the cube with their logos and/or sponsors. The cubes will have an optional, potentially removable roof. There will also be an optional third graphic layer, a light block liner, to prevent light penetration and capture interference. The first generation cube builds will include a fabric for the floor, however we hope with the advancement of our chroma key flooring we will eventually replace the floors with vinyl flooring for an unmatched chroma key capture environment. All cube builds will include lifetime warranty on the hardware! Stay tuned for more.

Green Screen Floor

While green screen / chroma key flooring exists, the durability and mobility has plenty of room for improvement. We are currently working on no-slip vinyl floor boards that can withstand 2K pounds of pressure without permanent damage, are easy to clean, and are in portable pieces which can be rolled and travel with you. We want you to be able to drive a car on this stuff, scuff it up, and wipe it clean...

We are currently working on color matching this vinyl flooring solution to chroma green as well as to digi green - a more fluorescent version of the same solution. Chroma blue color match will come at a later time.

Green Screen Wall Board

Tired of painting studio walls? We hear you - loud and clear!

Imagine the ability to not only use floor boards but also wall board! You will be able to quickly build studios in any shape or size with vinyl boards color matched to chroma green and digi green. These green screen wall boards will install just like regular sheet-rock but give you unmatched durability and the ability to clean it between productions with a simple wipe. Wall board material is currently undergoing fire-rating / testing. In order for studios and commercial venues to be able to use our material, we must get it to pass on fire rating.

chroma key flooring and studio walls

180 Degree Green Screen

Our 180 Green Screen just got an optional light-block liner upgrade. If you are looking to do panoramic green screen shots or shoot with multiple camera angles, this could be for you! Vendors looking to do animated GIF photo booths, matrix style photo booths, or unique panning capture should check out this customizable solution.

360 Degree Green Screen

Our 360 Degree Green Screen is now available with fabric entry doors, light-blocking roof, and light-block liner on the walls. If you are running a revolving camera rig, or 360 VR experience, consider checking out our custom build that can travel the world wherever you and your clients go!

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